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The Sirius Pro is a fixed wing UAV that can do amazing things. It truly is one of the best drone platforms on the market today. The precision RTK technology is what makes this all possible and what sets the Sirius Pro apart from its competitors. The Sirius Pro comes equipped with a precise camera that shoots geo-located images. This provides benefits such as automatic control points, real time coordinate calculations, and accuracy of 1.6cm on the x- and y-axes and down to 2.7cm in the z-axis. Flight times average 45 minutes, allowing our team to survey large tracts of land quickly and accurately. In addition, the Sirius Pro is fully automated and can operate in extreme weather conditions. We can operate with wind speeds up to 50 km/h and gust up to 65 km/h, allowing us to complete the mission in case of a sudden weather change.

siriusproSome of the primary uses with the Sirius Pro include Golf courses,
Mining, Precision Agricultural, Commercial Sites, Landfills, and more.


The Albris is a sensor-rich platform with the widest camera breadth of any quad-copter drone on the market. Its fully stabilized TripleView sensor head allows for seemingly endless opportunity that allows us to switch between HD and thermal video while flying. We can also capture breathtaking still images with its (36 mega pixel) camera. The TripleView head features an 180-degree vertical range of motion, 6x digital zoom, and active gimbal stabilization system that provides excellent digital imagery. With its shrouded frame design and fantastic resolution, this drone is the perfect solution for vertical infrastructure inspections, 3D modeling, 2D mapping and volumetric & linear analysis. The Albris is an extremely versatile platform that can be used in many areas of inspection work.


DJI is the best-known company on the market for consumer drone use. They are known for their superior design and quality of build, not to mention their flawless image. The DJI Phantom 3 Pro is a great tool for real estate imagery. With its built-in GPS and stabilization characteristics the DJI phantom is the way to go when you want the job done right.


Sky Sight Imaging uses Pix4D Pro Mapper to turn everything we gather into useful products for our clients. These products give a wide variety of information that can be tailored to specific needs. When you want the most reliable and accurate information possible, look no further than Pix4D Mapper Pro.

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